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  • Track Premiere – Abysm 2 EXPANSION: Spirit Falcon

    Classical music in a WAD? Yes, it seems so. I know it’s a pk3 file (you pedantic fools!) but they will always be WADs to me. This was composed for Abysm 2 EXPANSION: Spirit Falcon, a mod for GZDoom… It as fast as Doom, but it has some really awesome RPG systems. You start in a sort-of hub area… there’s a dialog system, player stats, stores, and quests. It reminds me of Strife to an extent, but I like the combat more. Check it out: I had a lot of fun composing this… mainly because I love staccato…

  • An Homage to Deus Ex Using FM Synths

    I was home, recovering from SMILE eye surgery (Lasik but better)… and staring at the screen was a bit difficult… luckily my ears were working fine. So, I started messing around with some FM synths and came up with this after  a couple of days. Naturally, it had to be titled, “My Vision is Augmented.” I need to shout out Ryu Umemoto. His work on PC-98 games (warning: most are eroge) made me fall in love with FM Synth. He may be my favorite game composer and Xenon may be my favorite soundtrack… so count this among the biggest of…

  • Every Zweihänder Release

    These albums are available on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, and basically everywhere else. The best way to support musical artists is to purchase on Bandcamp: Primeval by Zweihänder Forbidden Magic by Zweihänder Nitheren by Zweihänder Höllental by Zweihänder Daemon Slayer by Zweihänder Ear Slayer by Zweihänder

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