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For several years, I’ve worked on music under the name, Zweihänder. You can listen to all the music by looking over at the sidebar, or clicking here. For now, here’s the latest album:


I grew up in a musical household; mom was a concert pianist, dad was a jazz/rock pianist… but they both played multiple instruments. I started with drums and soon started training in a number of other instruments. I never got good enough to play in an orchestra, but I do my best to compose.

Here are a few samples… some heavy, some soft, some weird. Note, most of these are sample songs that are unfinished.


Synth (Ourtun, FM Synth, Cyberpunk, etc.)

Strong Melodies

I grew up humming melodies… We’d throw a black coat over our heads, breathe like Vader, and march around the house yelling “dun dun dun, dun du duuuu, dun du duuuu!” I think I could have won an award for best a cappella rendition of the Zelda theme.

I find that I’m really missing that these days. I know the trend in music is moving toward ambient soundscapes, but I prefer to create strong melodies. I do enjoy mixing these styles together, and I’m sure there’s room for both.

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