Waterfalls Near the Yellow Mountains | Phonetography

Just outside of the Yellow Mountains (Huangshan, China) we found Jiulong Waterfall, or Nine Dragons Waterfall. It only takes about an hour and the elevation is low enough that this hike will work even on a rainy day. If it’s raining heavily a trip up to the tops of the Yellow Mountains is somewhat pointless because you will simply be in the middle of the clouds with zero visibility. You have to go the day after the rain to see the famous sea of clouds.

So, when it’s raining or threatening to rain, this is a good place to hike. The water is incredibly clear, as you can see from the pictures. The variety of minerals and rocks make for some awesome photos. This area is mostly granite but I believe we saw some coal as well.

These photos were all taken with my OnePlus 5 camera. I did lug my big camera on this trip as well, you can see those pictures in my massive photo set here:


I made these songs and took these pictures. Software: FL Studio Camera: Fuji X100V & random film cameras

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